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City Affair XIV: Gentrification: 3/4/10 7:30PM

Monday, February 22, 2010 Leave a Comment

Is gentrification a problem in Saint Louis?

Gentrification is a loaded term. Literally referring to the process of renovating and improving (esp. a house or district) so that it conforms to middle-class taste, it is entwined with issues of politics, class, and race. How one defines gentrification and whether it is a positive or negative depends on how it has affected you.

We will look to our panelists for discussion about the function of gentrification, the dynamics that they perceive as contributing to gentrification, and what can be done through policy to minimize negative effects of gentrification.

Our panel consists of:
Steven Smith - Owner of the Royale and activist.

Minerva Lopez - Past President of the Cherokee Station Business Association

Alex Ihnen - Regional Director of Development at Washington University, blogger at St. Louis Urban Workshop

Alycia Green - Advocate at The People's Advocate St. Louis

Michael Allen will moderate the panel discussion.

Following forty five minutes of panel discussion we will open the floor to audience questions.


MARCH 4, 2010
7:30-9:00 PM
STYLEhouse (STL-Style)
3155 Cherokee St.
Saint Louis, Mo. 63118

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  • Mark Groth said:  

    Is this open to anyone?

  • Anonymous said:  

    Yes it is.