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City Affair XIX: Opportunities for Social Justice

Thursday, August 26, 2010 0 comments

As the crowning achievement of humanity, cities can be essentially defined by the bonds between people. While development, finance, and culture grab the most attention among urbanists, it is time to examine the public responsibility that underlies urban environments.

Are we responsible for maintaining a foundation of solidarity with all elements of society? Is egalitarianism possible in the divisive modern urban environment?

We will discuss issues of social justice and activism with a panel of local advocates:

Shawn Mckie - The Juice Project blends media literacy and health literacy education with physical exercise and art for social change. The Juice Box, which is also home to J.U.I.C.E., Inc., sits in a predominantly Black low-income neighborhood, and thus, re-imagines the corner store.

Jay Swoboda and RJ Koscielniak - Whats Up Magazine is St. Louis' activist publication with an ear to the street. Whats Up is sold by St. Louis' homeless and strives to create fairness, opportunity and community by covering issues that socially conscious people want to know about.

Claire Wolff - The Urban Studio Café is a non-profit cafe with a mission to foster a sense of strong community, creativity, knowledge and enrichment while providing a quality cup of joe. The Urban Studio has a successful history of providing enriching programs to youth in Old North St. Louis. Revenue generated by the cafe supports these programs.

Emily Beck will moderate the panel discussion.
Following panel discussion we will open the floor to questions.


7:30-9:00 PM
2700 N. 14th St.
ST. LOUIS, MO. 63106

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